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  • Women Caregivers Are More At Risk

    Married, female caregivers have higher stress levels and are more at risk for serious health conditions. Here’s what you can do to protect your health.

  • How to Buy a Handicap Van

    If you are thinking about getting back on the road again and looking for a handicap van, consider your options before settling on a purchase.

  • How Too Much Sitting Affects Your Health

    It’s not easy to realize how many hours the average person sits per day. The time spent commuting to work and sitting at a desk can add up fast.

  • Overcoming Stroke: One Stride at a Time

    Andy was on track to run his 12th marathon, until his stroke. Doctors told him he couldn’t run another marathon again, but Andy didn’t take no for an answer.

  • Taking Control of Central Pain Syndrome

    Central Pain Syndrome (CPS) is a condition that is difficult to manage, especially because it is triggered by unexpected cold temperatures.

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