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  • Painting a Strong Recovery

    Artist William Amme realized a stroke of paint could be the answer to his stroke recovery. While some things didn’t come back, painting still felt natural.

  • What Women Need to Know About Stroke

    Women have more than just the traditional risks for stroke. Surprisingly, only 11% of women are familiar with their unique stroke risks.

  • When Doctors Say No, Find a New Doctor

    Perseverance is crucial when it comes to stroke recovery, and having a determined caregiver can make all the difference.

  • How to Reduce Your Risk of a Second Stroke

    It’s really important to do whatever you can to prevent having a second stroke. Here are some guidelines to help you control your risk factors.

  • Male Caregivers On the Rise

    The stigma associated with male caregivers is changing and their approach to caregiving is quite different from females.

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