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Find a Doc

Posted by Lynn Bronikowski Jun 15 2017

Finding a doctor and estimating costs can be daunting. But the National Stroke Association is making it easier by partnering with to help you not only find a doctor but estimate healthcare costs and even book an appointment.

Amino’s searchable database includes nearly every physician in the U.S. so by entering your information on “Find a Doctor” patients and caregivers will be matched with physicians who have the most experience in treating their conditions, including stroke.

Amino also lets people estimate and compare the cost of procedures and services by clicking on “Estimate Costs,” making is easy to calculate out-of-pocket costs.

The service is free and can be accessed without a log-in or a subscription by visiting

"We launched Amino to help people make more confident healthcare decisions, starting with choosing doctors who treat people like them,” said David Vivero, CEO of San Francisco-based Amino. “We are pleased to now offer our personalized, data-driven service to the National Stroke Association's extensive community of stroke survivors and caregivers so they can easily find and book the care they need."

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