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Games a Fun Way to Help Recovery

Posted by Staci Blinn Oct 06 2016

Games are a great way for stroke survivors and caregivers to have fun together and bond.

Games, especially word and memory games, are also excellent tools to help stroke survivors rebuild the connections in their brains that were damaged during their stroke.

Setting some time aside for leisure and fun helps both the caregiver and survivor lower stress levels and improve their relationship. Many games are free by simply downloading.

Here’s some suggestions:

Memory Matches: Simulates the classic card matching game right on your phone. Flip the cards to reveal a matching pair. There is a multi-player mode that lets players challenge one another. It’s free.
• For iPhone Memory Matches
• For Android try Memory Matches Circus

Elevate - Brain Training: This app helps the user improve memory, reading comprehension, and writing. This app features “mini-games” that include fun activities to help the user strengthen cognitive abilities. It’s free.
• For iPhone Elevate
• For Android Elevate

Word to Word: A game where the user matches words associated to one another. For example “hot/cold” or “vitamin/supplement”. Excellent for survivors who have difficulty with communication and language. It’s free.
For iPhone Word to Word
• For Android Word to Word

Pictoword: A game in which the user looks at a series of pictures to create a word. For example a picture of sand + the Wicked Witch of the West = sandwich. It's free.
• For iPhone Pictoword
• For Android Pictoword

Check out some of these apps, but know that there are many more—this is not an all-inclusive list. The purpose here is to give examples of several different ways that the technology, which is right at your fingertips, can be helpful throughout day-to-day life.

It is also recommended that you ask your survivor’s therapist or healthcare provider for their opinions on what might work best regarding apps aimed to help with aphasia or other communication difficulties.

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