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Apps to Help Caregivers and Stroke Survivors

Posted by Staci Blinn Sep 02 2016

Caregivers often ask if there is something they can do to help their stroke survivor recover more quickly and make life a little easier for both of them. One solution is to turn to technology. Here are apps that caregivers might find beneficial for themselves and stroke survivors.

National Stroke Association’s FoodSmarts App: FoodSmarts is an interactive nutrition portal that allows users to create a profile that includes their food preferences and health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and/or stroke disease. The app then provides personalized nutrition guidance on recipes, grocery store items, and local restaurant choices. Users can also search for recipes to plan healthy meals. FoodSmarts is available online or can be downloaded as an app for iPhone/Android users. (Free)

Constant Therapy App: Constant Therapy provides science-based, personalized, digital speech and cognitive therapy to people recovering from stroke or aphasia. There are over 60 cognitive and speech tasks that help clients recover their speech, memory, and everyday skills. The tasks are fun and scientifically proven to improve patient outcomes. Constant Therapy is free for clinicians to use with any patient at any time. 

Patients who wish to use Constant Therapy at home can download it from the Apple App Store or the Google Play store.  After a 30-day free trial, there are three subscription options: a monthly subscription for $19.99, an annual subscription for $199.99, and a three-year subscription for $299.99. Constant Therapy also offers a free tablet program for those who need one, and scholarships for those with financial need.

Constant Therapy is currently conducting research on how people who have not had a stroke perform on the app's therapy tasks. They are looking for volunteers to do a free digital activity for 15 minutes—participation will help to improve the science behind the therapy exercises they offer. You can sign up at
Visit the Constant Therapy website.

Talking Photo Apps: These apps allow the user to take photos of various objects and situations and attach words or phrases. This allows the user to communicate common ideas and phrases that may be difficult to recall on the spot.

• Pictello: Helps with literacy and reading skills with word-by-word text highlighting and built-in word prediction. You can add your own photos and videos, create schedules, and record your own voice or sounds. ($19.99)

• Talk’n Photos: This is an easy to navigate talking photo album. This app can be used to help with communication, sharing information, improving literacy, developing independent living skills, following directions, to improve memory, and more. ($2.99)

Text to Speech Apps: These apps allow the user to text a message and hit a “speak” button to have the message spoken aloud.

• Speak it! Text to Speech
For iPhone: ($1.99)

• IVONA Text to Speech
For Android: (Free)

• urVoice AAC – Text to speech with type and talk capabilities:
For iPhone: ($4.99 or a “lite” version for free).

Medication Management Apps: There are many apps available to help people keep a record of their medications, dosages, and schedule. Most will remind you when it is time to take a medication and even when your medication needs to be refilled. The added bonus to these apps is that your medication information is in one convenient place and can be referred to at the doctor’s office or hospital.

Round Health: Round Health organizes the user’s medication and vitamin schedule in one place. It takes into account life’s unpredictable nature and sets reminder windows rather than exact times. It also allows the user to track as needed/PRN medications. This app will remind the user more than once if needed to make sure that he/she stays on schedule. Round Health will also remind the user when to refill medication refill.
For iPhone: (Free)

Care4Today™: Offers the medication management features discussed above as well as a Care4Family® feature which allows family members to see one another’s adherence, medications, and receive missed dose alerts. This app will also generate graphs based on how well the user is doing sticking to their schedule.
For iPhone: (Free)
For Android: (Free)

GoodRx: Prescription drugs are expensive. Stroke survivors and their families often struggle to come up with enough money to pay for medications. The GoodRX app can be used to search for discounts on medications at major pharmacies. Sometimes, the discounts are even better than the price with insurance. The app also allows you to compare different pharmacies to see where you can get the best deal.

For iPhone: (Free)
For Android: (Free)

This article does not imply National Stroke Association’s endorsement of any product, treatment, service, or entity.

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