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Where to Turn for Financial Tips

Visit these websites for advice and financial resources.

Kelsey Blackwell Oct 19, 2016

National Stroke Association: Connect to a local support group, which may be able to
offer advice and resources for financial help in your area. Visit the National Stroke Association website to find a support group.

Taxes: AARP offers free tax preparation and has trained experts who work with recent stroke survivors. Visit the AARP website.

Financial Planner: Find a local, fee-only financial advisor, who is not compensated for selling financial products.

Medicare: Evaluate your Medicare options.

Bankruptcy: Should you file for bankruptcy? Could you negotiate with collectors to reduce your debt? Find answers here:

Life Insurance: Life Happens, is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping consumers make smart insurance decisions to safeguard their financial health.

Long-term Disability Insurance: helps you choose the right insurance company and insurance agent.

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