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Breaking News from the International Stroke Conference

Posted by Lynn Bronikowski Jan 25 2018

Plenty of news came out of the International Stroke Conference held in late January in  Los Angeles.  Here’s a roundup of major stories:

Stroke Breakthrough: An expanded procedure that plucks stroke-causing clots from blood vessels in the brain may give a wider window of time for treating patients with ischemic stroke—possibly allowing treatment for up to 16 hours after a stroke, rather than the current recommended limit of six hours. News of the major thrombectomy study was announced at the International Stroke Conference. Read story here.

Missing Out on Rehab: Rehabilitation plays a crucial role in stroke recovery, but many patients could be missing out on it, a study suggests. The exact reasons why patients did not receive rehabilitation are not clear but researchers believe it has to do with with the co-pay associated with outpatient therapy services, even for those with insurance. Read story here.

Good News/Bad News: The good news is that stroke survivors have better cholesterol and blood pressure levels today, but many are faring poorly with respect to their weight, diabetes control, diet and exercise, a study finds. Over a period from 2011 to 2014, obesity increased from 27 percent to 39 percent. Diabetes and prediabetes rose from 49 percent to 56 percent. And the percentage of stroke survivors with a poor diet jumped from 14 percent to 51 percent. Read story here.

Medication Regimen to Combat Stroke: Taking daily doses of two blood pressure medications and a cholesterol-lowering drug reduced first-time strokes by 44 percent among people at risk for heart disease, researchers found. Based on these results, the researchers are now looking at developing a single combo pill that would lower both blood pressure and cholesterol. Read story here.

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