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Meredith's Comeback Trail

Posted by Lynn Bronikowski Jan 18 2017

In March 2012, Meredith Harmon set a goal—to recite aloud her wedding vows during her May wedding.

At 32, Harmon had experienced a stroke that left her with an inability to speak or even write her name.

She pushed herself in rehabilitative therapy four days a week, three hours a day—and on May 18, 2012, she said “I do.”

“There was not a dry eye in the house,” recalls Harmon. “Between my mom, my sister and my husband—they brought me back to life as we laughed a lot and saw the light.”

As part of her rehab, Harmon of Littleton, Colo., volunteered for the National Stroke Association as a way to prepare herself to re-enter the work world. She did everything from database entry to handling mail.

“It helped me to have a place to go and to feel gratified,” says Harmon. “Working as a volunteer got me back into the groove of things to be able to return to work. It helped with my memory recall and mathematic skills. Working at the National Stroke Association was a big part of my recovery.”

Harmon returned to her job as a territory sales manager six months after having her stroke.

“I look back on it all and think there’s a reason for everything,” says Harmon. “In my case the stroke  happened so that I can bring awareness to the fact that you can recover and come back stronger than ever.”

Harmon ultimately landed a fulltime job with the National Stroke Association and and last spring raised nearly $1,400 by participating in the Comeback Trail 5K run/walk in Denver.

“I feel this is where I need to be,” says Harmon. “If you have an opportunity to volunteer, it’ll put you in the right frame of mind and give you a chance to give back.”

Today she and her husband, Jason, are the parents of 2-year-old Luke, whom she calls “the light of my life.”

“My life is pretty perfect,” she says. “Since having the stroke I appreciate more what life has to offer. I cherish things more and don’t take my life and all it holds for granted.

Meredith Harmon will again participate in the Comeback Trail run/walk that will be held May 21 at Hudson Gardens in Littleton, Colo. For information visit


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