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From Stroke to Strength

Posted by Lynn Bronikowski Dec 15 2016

Steve Dimon was 63-years-old, weighed 275 pounds, had high blood pressure, type II diabetes and high cholesterol.

“I was a recipe for disaster,” said the former athlete, show producer and one-time actor and model  who lives in the Hollywood Hills area near Los Angeles.

His disaster came on April 22, 2012 when Dimon experienced an ischemic stroke.

“I couldn’t get my breath. I couldn’t figure out what was happening and just kept getting worse,” he recalls of that Sunday afternoon alone in his townhome. “I didn’t think about calling 9-1-1, crawled back to bed and laid there until morning.”

Ultimately he drove down Sunset Boulevard through Monday morning rush hour and got to a hospital where he stayed for one month before being transferred to Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center.

“I was determined and dedicated to getting better every day,” said Dimon, 68. “I asked if I could use the rehab equipment even when I wasn’t scheduled to use it and I felt myself getting better every day. I remember the first day when I was able to tie my shoes again. That gave me more enthusiasm.”

He would continue his recovery in outpatient therapy and on Aug. 18, 2012, he joined a gym. He also switched to a low-carb diet, cutting out sugars and processed foods and only eating organic foods.

“I used to eat Tums like crazy but that totally cleared up when I changed my diet,” said Dimon, who lost 100 pounds and today has a body fat index of 6.5 percent. “Having a stroke was a wake-up call for me that it’s never too early to take care of your health.”

The stroke also was an inspiration—to write a book Health, Wellness & Longevity—which addresses stroke, its causes and symptoms, and gives a roadmap for how he transformed himself.

“I believe you have to rid yourself of all toxins,” said Dimon. “You have to do a group of protocols to be successful. Not only did I reverse the symptoms of stroke but I have taken control of my health.”

He goes to the gym regularly and enjoys hikes through Runyon Canyon Park.

“I’m moving seven days a week,” he said, adding that he’s working on setting up seminars to show others how to take charge of their health. “I believe that not only did God save my life but now my purpose is to help others. When I speak to others, I can give them a message that there is hope and recovery.”

Before and After Steve Dimon had his stroke.

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