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  • Ask the Expert

    Posted by Staff Feb 1, 2012

    Dr. Sara Palmer, a psychologist and faculty member of the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, answers your toughest questions.

  • The Single Caregiver

    Posted by Madonna Siles, CPC Nov 3, 2011

    Choosing every day to take the challenge

  • Technology Offers New Tools

    Posted by Frank Graff Jun 2, 2011

    The roughly seven million Americans who are long distance caregivers share a constant worry - what if something happens and I'm not there?

  • Writing Therapy

    Posted by Lori Cavallo Jan 1, 2011

    A firsthand account of a caregiver's journey through journals.

  • No Such Thing as Too Much Support

    Posted by Jon Weiner Nov 11, 2010

    Family members, friends and caregivers play a huge role in helping stroke survivors bounce back, though it is never an easy task.

  • One-Stop Support Sites for Friends & Family

    Posted by Catherine Gray Beuten Jun 9, 2010

    'How can I help?' Sites keep family and friends in the loop.

  • Families Finding Strength By Sharing Insights

    Posted by Nancy R. Atwood Jun 9, 2010

    Outreach is important to parents of young stroke survivors.

  • Tricks of Time Management

    Posted by Stephanie Mensh Dec 24, 2009

    Managing the day is easier when you have a plan.

  • Building Independence While Re-establishing Routine

    Posted by Stephanie Mensh May 14, 2009

    Relationships are an ongoing balancing act between satisfying your own needs and supporting your spouse and family's needs. Strokes turn this balance upside down in almost everything you do.

  • Organizing a Team: Know Where to Go

    Posted by Stephanie Mensh Mar 6, 2009

    Top tips for building a qualified caregiving team.