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  • Stroke Survivor Offers Encouragement to Others

    Posted by Lynn Bronikowski Feb 13, 2018

    Dick Buckman experienced a stroke in 2002 that left him without the ability to talk. He recovered and today uses his voice to help others.

  • Finding His Voice

    Posted by Lynn Bronikowski Jan 30, 2018

    When singer-songwriter Angie Aparo lost his voice from a stroke, his doctor encouraged him to sing his way to recovery.

  • Restoring Quality of Life

    Posted by Lynn Bronikowski Nov 21, 2017

    Michael Kosh was fit and in good health when he experienced 10 strokes following surgery. Technology helped him get his life back.

  • A Light for Others

    Posted by Lynn Bronikowski Nov 20, 2017

    Andrea Canterbury wanted her life back following her stroke in 2014. So she went to work raising funds and awareness for the National Stroke Association.

  • Returning to a Job She Loves, Thanks to Technology

    Posted by Lynn Bronikowski Nov 14, 2017

    Stroke survivor Jessica Peters researched and found a way to return to work, saying now, “I am not disabled.”

  • Singing in My Own Key

    Posted by Lynn Bronikowski Oct 27, 2017

    A year after losing her singing voice to a stroke, Boston singer Valerie Giglio returned to the stage and sang Charlie Chaplin’s Smile.

  • A Walking Miracle

    Posted by Lynn Bronikowski Oct 12, 2017

    Doctors didn't give Robert Jackson a good prognosis following his stroke in 2014. Now his message is to never give up.

  • 'Hula Girl' Hits the Comeback Trail

    Posted by Lynn Bronikowski Sep 26, 2017

    After Liz Teller wore a Hawaiian lei to her neurology appointment, her doctor started calling her Hula Girl. She'll be participating in the Comeback Trail 5K on Long Island on Oct. 21.

  • Remembering Dinah on the Comeback Trail

    Posted by Lynn Bronikowski Sep 15, 2017

    The Suridis Family this year marks the 20th anniversary of a walk on Long Island in New York in honor of their mother who died of a stroke in 1998.

  • Grandmother's Stroke Inspires a Career

    Posted by Lynn Bronikowski Aug 30, 2017

    Dawn Aycock was 26 and a registered nurse who became inspired to focus her nursing career on stroke, particularly among African Americans.