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Articles by Department

  • One Big Happy Family
    We here at National Stroke Association are thrilled that you've picked up this issue of StrokeSmart magazine.

  • Reclaiming Intimacy
    The "art of love" begins with loving yourself... and hugs.

  • Motivate Your Recovery
    Setting SMART goals to advance your recovery.

  • Financial Complications of Stroke
    A stroke can have a crippling effect not only on the human body, but also on a survivor's financial stability.

  • Peak Performance
    While slowly laboring up a steep snowfield near the top of Oregon's 11,249-foot volcano last June, then 68-year-old stroke survivor J. Marcus Wood and his team of climbers were suddenly enveloped in a blizzard.

  • Ask the Expert
    Dr. Sara Palmer, a psychologist and faculty member of the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, answers your toughest questions.

  • All Together Now
    The Rullis' experience turned into "The Miracle Mind," a practical guide to improving lives of survivors and their families.