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  • Find a Doc

    Posted by Lynn Bronikowski Jun 15, 2017

    The National Stroke Association partners with Amino, a searchable database of physicians to help find a doctor and estimate costs.

  • Where to Turn for Financial Tips

    Posted by Kelsey Blackwell Oct 19, 2016

    Visit these websites for advice and financial resources.

  • Financial Resources

    Posted by Kelsey Blackwell Oct 19, 2016

    How to manage unexpected expenses after a stroke.

  • Extra Help for Prescription Drug Costs

    Posted by Lynn Bronikowski May 9, 2016

    Many people qualify for savings on their prescription drug costs and don’t even know it.

  • Tax Tips for Caregivers

    Posted by Lynn Bronikowski Mar 28, 2016

    Under certain circumstances, caregivers may be able to claim stroke survivors as dependents on their federal income tax returns

  • Taxing Time

    Posted by Lynn Bronikowski Mar 8, 2016

    What you should know about deducting medical expenses before you file your taxes this year.

  • 5 Tips to Reevaluate Financial Needs

    Posted by Emily Shearing Jan 25, 2016

    After a stroke, not only does your health need a check-up but so do your finances as you lose income and receive mounting medical bills.

  • Here's Help in a Financial Emergency

    Posted by Lisa O’Neill Hill Dec 21, 2015

    If you find yourself in a financial emergency, there are resources available to help you get back on course following a stroke

  • What You Need to Know About Open Enrollment

    Posted by Lucy Lazarony Nov 20, 2015

    Open enrollment allows you to choose a health plan that works best for you or your stroke survivor. These tips will show you how to navigate open enrollment.

  • Assistance Paying for Medications and More

    Posted by Teresa Bitler Oct 26, 2015 is a great program for medication assistance, where you don’t have to be low income to qualify. They even offer a drug discount card.