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Welcome to StrokeSmart

Posted by Matthew Colella Jan 28 2013

Greetings stroke survivors, caregivers and healthcare professionals, and welcome to the new and improved website. What you've just found is arguably the best online resource for the entire stroke community and we're thrilled to have you on board.

As you may or may not know, StrokeSmart™ is the flagship publication from National Stroke Association - the only not-for-profit organization in the U.S. that dedicates 100% of its time and resources to stroke awareness. We publish a print edition of StrokeSmart magazine every other month, and now we're proud to unveil its retooled online counterpart in The old StrokeSmart website had existed for years, but it wasn't nearly the complete stroke resource that is the new site. So let me take a quick second to show you around and explain a little about what's going on...

My name is Matthew Colella and I'm the managing editor here at StrokeSmart. (That's me in the upper left corner!) I work with a team of amazingly talented people who have been working very hard during the past several months to make this website your new #1 resource for everything related to stroke. You'll still find all the information and stories of inspiration that you've come to expect from StrokeSmart, but the new website is so much more than just the online version of the magazine.

For starters, you will still be able to read everything that is printed in the current issue of StrokeSmart magazine here online. On the current issue page (or any issue page throughout our archives), you'll see all the published articles in that particular issue in addition to a link to the digital version of all future editions (but only a handful of old ones). We're building a new stable of talented writers, talking with new incredible health professionals, and - most importantly - featuring new stories of triumph and encouragement from your fellow stroke survivors.

On's new homepage, you'll see a large slideshow at the top featuring the most important stories from the world of stroke. Every day our site will be updated with new content for you to read and share. Make sure to bookmark us now so that it's easy for you to come back every day and stay informed of everything that's going on.

Not only will we have new information for you to read every day, but now you'll be able to connect with the entire stroke community through several social-media capabilities built right into the site. You can comment on any article you read here and start up a conversation, you can share an article you see with family and friends, and you can continue the conversation with us on Facebook and on Twitter.

With these new social media tools, the old one-way model of information delivery (us to you) now becomes a multi-layered, multi-channel approach to building a stroke community unlike anything that's ever existed before. You'll be able to inspire each other through direct peer-to-peer conversations, you'll have access to the staff assembling the content, and you'll be able to communicate with the experts and professionals who contribute to our publication.

But one of the most impressive features we're excited about developing is StrokeSmart's new online Resource Directory. Our team put in several late-night hours building the internet's first comprehensive, searchable directory for everything stroke - and the only place you can find it is right here on Think of the new Resource Directory as an Internet "yellow-pages" focused solely on stroke.

Anytime you want to learn about a new company, product or service that could help in your recovery, we want you to think of the Resource Directory first. It's a collection of data and information from across the country, searchable down to your own neighborhood, and it's as easy as 1-2-3.

So grab a cup of coffee, kick your feet up and check out what we have to offer. All of us at StrokeSmart have been working very hard to bring this all together and we couldn't be happier that you’ve decided to join us. Let's get busy building that new community in loving support of everyone affected by stroke. -mc

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