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  • Quickly Treating Mini-Stroke Can Cut Risk for Future Stroke

    Posted by Mary Elizabeth Dallas, HealthDay Reporter Nov 30, 2017

    TIAs are medical emergencies that give healthcare providers an opportunity to reduce the risk of stroke, researchers suggest.

  • A-Fib Hits Men Earlier Than Women

    Posted by Robert Priedt, HealthDay Reporter Nov 30, 2017

    Being overweight increases the odds of having atrial fibrillation in both men and women, a study involving 80,000 people suggests.

  • Definition of High Blood Pressure Drops

    Posted by Dennis Thompson, HealthDay Reporter Nov 22, 2017

    Under the new guidelines for high blood pressure, could you be at risk for hypertension? Check out what the experts are saying.

  • Breakthrough Study May Change Emergency Stroke Treatment

    Posted by Lynn Bronikowski Nov 21, 2017

    Emergency rooms may rethink stroke treatment after study determines there may be help for patients more than six hours after their stroke.

  • Blood Thinners May Also Protect Brains of A-Fib Patients

    Posted by Robert Priedt, HealthDay Reporter Nov 14, 2017

    Findings show that people with atrial fibrillation should start taking blood thinners as soon as possible after their diagnosis and continue to take the drugs.

  • Nursing Home Often Only Option for Single Men After Stroke

    Posted by E.J. Mundell, HealthDay Reporter Nov 14, 2017

    People who don't have a caregiver are 70 percent more likely to be sent to nursing home care within a year of their stroke, researchers find.

  • Heart Disease, Stroke Cutting Black Lives Short

    Posted by Robert Priedt, HealthDay Reporter Oct 27, 2017

    Between 1999 and 2010, heart disease and stroke contributed to more than 2 million years of life lost among black people, researchers said.

  • And the Winners Are . . .

    Posted by Lynn Bronikowski Oct 27, 2017

    The National Stroke Association presents its Raising Awareness in Stroke Excellence (RAISE) Awards in eight categories.

  • Stroke Risk Factors Are Rising

    Posted by Steven Reinberg, HealthDay Reporter Oct 12, 2017

    More people are surviving strokes, but researchers find that the health problems that cause stroke aren't going away.

  • Stopping Aspirin Tied to Quick Rise in Stroke Risk

    Posted by Amy Norton, HealthDay Reporter Sep 26, 2017

    Researchers find that patients who quit taking aspirin were 37 percent more likely to suffer a stroke over the next three years, versus those who kept taking it.